The beginning

While we as humans and civilization grow, one tends to think that the maturity and logic would dawn on us and it becomes a key factor in resolving disputes and thus leading to a peaceful coexistence in this world. However, as can be seen throughout the histor, the opposite seems. One can find a period of peace and tranquility, but suddenly someone becomes the bad apple and creates a tension all around the world. Be it the Ottoman empire or the Chengis kan, or Alexander the great, the British, the Japs, the French and quiet recently Hitler, Saddam, and the list goes on and on. Even some current leaders behavior is such that it indicates another world war is imminent.

My theory is that maybe we are participants in a video game for some aliens and they are continuously playing counter strike or such games with us and resets it once a while, which extinguishes whole civilization and restarts the game. Thus huge civilization like mohenjadaro, harappa and many in amazons, China, India are found buried and some of the discoveries in those civilization  even points to  such directions that they seem they were advanced too.

While I want to make this blog light hearted, the above background was required to understand that we live in an uncertain world and the whole purpose of this blog is to bring a smile in this troubled world without any rancor.

Given the buzy schedule and writers block this may not be regular blog, but anyone visiting might be inspired or pick up thoughts for their standup comedy.

Once I retire, I might add some office incidents and other place of work incidents that is to be taken in a lighter mode and again without any malice to anyone.

I am for freedom of speech, unless the message is violence or instigating physical violence  which I am thoroughly opposed. At the same time it should not be just someones interpretation of this item or that item may cause violence as that can be stretched for innocuous things also. Enjoy reading as I enjoy blogging.